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The benefits of relaxation

Posted on April 2, 2015 by Energise
Stress can have serious effects on our health and it has been linked to many other health problems.

Relaxing whenever possible and in a way that works for you, is healthier for you than you may think.
Stress increases your risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and other heart problems. Relaxing can also lower your risk of getting a cold. Studies have shown that stress lowers the body’s ability to fight inflammation. It makes immune cells less sensitive to the hormone that ‘turns off’ inflammation (HealthDay report).

Other ways that relaxation can help are:

It can boost our memory
It helps us fight depression
Help us make better decisions
Restores our energy
Lifts our mood
Repairs our bodies

Most people feel that it is counterproductive to spend time doing nothing, but in many ways this time is most valuable for both your body and your mind.
So don’t under estimate the time you take reading a book, listening to music or walking your dog. On our 'Energise Body & Soul' fitness weight loss boot camps we work and play hard but we fully believe that taking time out to rest and relax is just as important.

I'm off to the steam room!

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